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[Dragon Age 2 | Fenris/F!Hawke] Spire

Title: Spire
Dragon Age 2
Complete (11 chapters, 108185 words)
T | Some spoilers Act 3, I suppose? Oh, and established relationship for the main characters.

Summary & Preview:

A legal loophole after “Alone” results in Hawke inheriting the entirety of Danarius’s estate, including all his slaves—and Fenris. But Tevinter is not friendly to foreigners or fugitives, and as Hawke and Fenris struggle to save both his freedom and her slaves, they find themselves mired in political and magical intrigues whose sinister depths extend beyond anything they’ve faced.


Hawke slams the door shut with her heel, her eyes focused on the letters in her hand. This is a disaster—this is impossible—and Fenris is going to kill her. Just reach his hand right in and pop out her heart, like pitting a cherry. “Fenris! Where are you?”

Maybe he isn’t home. Maybe he’s out doing…angry elf things, or brooding elf things, or anything, really, that doesn’t involve her imminent demise. Hawke trips over the broken flagstone in his foyer out of long habit and swears absently, blowing a loose hair from her eyes and sincerely regretting a good number of recent choices. The manor seems empty enough, the morning sun spilling down clear in the silence, though his door is closed at the top of the stairs. Flipping through the letters again, the words as clear in her mind as when she’d first read them, Hawke wonders absently if it might be better to just gut herself now and save Fenris the trouble.

There’s always this one person in a fandom who manages to make you fall in love with his or her writing style, and you always end up reading all of her stuff even if it’s from a genre or theme you normally don’t read from just because you know they are all from a good writer.

That was what happened to me for this particular author. I first came across her due to Deathsong (Bleach, IchiRuki, completed) and I remember loving every bit of it, so imagine how happy I am when I found that she’s also writing DA2 fics. Based on past experience, I had no doubt it would be good… and I was right.

It’s been years since I last read Deathsong, but I’m glad that the elements that made me fall in love with her writing style is still there - a dash of humor and vividly descriptive scenes that conveys just the right emotions. Characters are spot on, but what I really like about this are her OCs. The author managed to achieve a certain depth with all of them, and some I found likable enough that I look forward to when they’ll next appear. 

Give this one a go, guys! And while you’re at it, also read her other stuff.

The author often uses Fenris’s 'I am yours' line in most (if not all) of her fics. I’m not sure if it’s intentional, but I really love it that she does. Personally, considering Fenris’s past, I think this line speaks volumes about his relationship with the game’s main character (if romanced, of course). It’s a nice little touch to his character, imo.

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Wow! Thanks for the recommendation! I'm finishing up the next chapter now so I'm hoping to have it to the betas soon. If you want a fic rec, go check out the epic Choices by AmericanCorvus. You can find her on ffnet as well as the uncut version on Tumblr. Again, thanks for reading!

You’re absolutely welcome! We’re the ones who should be thanking you for writing that wonderful fic! Looking forward to future chapters! :D

And thanks for the rec! I started reading Choices right after I read yours (for some reason I developed this habit of looking at the favorites tab on FF.net of the authors whose work I love). I haven’t finished it yet but I already like it a lot!


For those who wants to read Choices by AmericanCorvus they can be found here: SFW - [FF.net] Uncut - [AO3][Tumblr

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[Dragon Age 2 | Fenris/F!Hawke] Nemesis

Title: Nemesis [FF.net] [Tumblr]
Dragon Age 2
On-going (13 chapters, 159,144 words for the ff.net version)
Characters/Pairing: Fenris/F!Hawke
M | Spoilers for the end of the game. FF.net mirror is SFW. The fic in its full, unedited glory can be found at the Tumblr link above.

Summary & Preview:

Marian Hawke, Champion and mage, encounters an old friend for the first time since the Gallows. After a fierce and brief encounter, they begin a wild trek through Thedas, seeking both a greater enemy as well as their own redemption in each others’ eyes.

She saw a Templar broadsword resting against the wood wall and her heart gave a familiar ache as she recalled her former companion. Fenris. She understood why he’d refused to stand with the mages… but to fight against her after everything they’d been through? Her head drooped against the weight of the heavy blade on her mind; why did it have to end that way? Why couldn’t he just run? Too many good men lay dead and her throat still quaked closed whenever she thought of his body laying amongst all the others at her feet.

Oh, wow. To be honest, I certainly didn’t expect that I will get attached to this game more than I did with the first series considering the kind of reviews it received. But… well… it just happened and I have to admit that the fandom contributed to it a bit. This fandom is blessed with so many good visual artists and writers, so here, have a rec (mind you, this isn’t the only one on my list right now)!

I don’t think I mentioned this before but I love love love long!fics. Especially those set after any series’ end. I always find it fascinating what writers could do with the information they were left with, and this story~! I think it’s an interesting take on the repercussions of Hawke’s decisions during the events at the end of the game, and I love how the author wrote everything. I tend to be picky when it comes to POV switching but the writer does it in a manner that’s not distracting or pace-breaking. Aside from that, the characterization’s excellent; there were times when I find myself reading some lines with their voices in my head.

Brilliant writing with long chapters, guys! Go check this one out!

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[Inuyasha | Inuyasha/Kagome] Behind the Silk Screen

Title: Behind the Silk Screen
On-going (28 chapters, 364805 words; Chapter 29 almost done)
Inuyasha/Kagome, Miroku/Sango
M | Coarse language courtesy of Inuyasha, and the author can get pretty detailed with her description. Contains nothing of sexual nature so far. AU set in Heian Era.

Summary & Preview:
When a twist of fate brings the common born miko Kagome to serve Inuyasha, Emperor of Japan, will she be able to help him bring order to the country? Or will court intrigues and chaos tear the two and their nation apart? A historical romance.

"Now, no need for that Kagome-chan," the houshi said. "I will be more than glad to plead on behalf of your village when I return."

"Really?" Kagome could have hugged him, her eyes bright with relief as she raised them to look at him.

"Of course," he replied. "And all that I would ask in return is that you, Kagome-chan, would bear for me a healthy-"

"Time to go, child," Kaede cut him off, practically dragging the young woman out of the hut.

"Farewell, Kagome-chan. I am certain we will meet again," Miroku called after them as they disappeared out into the storm.

"Are we certain he’s a houshi?" Kagome asked incredulously.

"One would hope so, child. Otherwise you’ve just allowed him to grope your hindquarters with only a small slap in return."


I remember bookmarking this fic around two or three years ago when I was suddenly hit with this urge to look for Inuyasha fanfiction. Back then, I only managed to read the first few parts before life got busy and made me forget about this, but reading it now made me recall why I fell in love with this fic in the first place: it’s a well-researched masterpiece in the making. 

I’m going to admit that I’m a sucker for AUs. It’s the main reason why I started reading this. What I didn’t expect was to get extra history lessons with almost every new chapter. I’m not complaining, though! The fact that so much thought was put into writing this is already earned it several plus points. Heck, even characterization came second after I saw the author’s efforts and how she managed to weave everything into something believable. However, I’m not saying that her characterization is bad. In fact, I think she successfully nailed majority, if not all, of the characters’ voices.

I also give my praises to her for writing Kikyou as someone with an actual backstory that effectively justifies her actions as a character. I rarely ever see InuKag writers do that since most of the time, she’s being written off more or less as a ‘bitch’.

Personally, I think this is one of the best pieces written for this fandom and it ranks very high in my list of favorites. I highly recommend that fans of the series (even those not shipping InuKag) read this.

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[FFXIII | Hope/Lightning] Five I Love You’s

Title: Five I Love You’s
Final Fantasy XIII
T; AU where Fang and Vanille’s crystallization never happened, and Lightning stayed.

Summary & Preview:
Before he tells Light he loves her, he has to let everyone else in on his secret. And some friends they’re turning out to be…

"You’re sure?"

Hope nodded, his eyes fixed on the woman in front of him. She stared at him with a bit of uncertainty, but her posture was confident and easy as it usually was. This told him that she was testing him.

Sure enough, at his answer, she smirked and picked up her lance from where it lay on the ground. He’d invited her out for the double purpose of training and telling her his news, and dropped the bomb as she stopped to fix her sandals. “Well, can’t say I didn’t see it coming. Good for you, kid,” she said as warmly as she said anything.

Actually, the reason why I started this blog is because a friend of mine kept asking me for fic recs, particularly for this ship. And so I dug around my bookmarks folder and found this little gem of a oneshot.

This story has everything I’m looking for if ever the “Hope-confesses-to-Lightning” scenario happens: Hope being awkward in his attempt to tell his feelings to a strong, brilliant woman (because, really, who wouldn’t be?), Lightning taking the reins before anyone could protest, and the rest of the gang trying to be supportive but not at the same time.

All in all, I find this story well-written and so wonderfully in-character (Fang! Good Lord, Fang!). This is definitely worth your time if you’re looking for a short but satisfying HopuRai read. 

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[FFIX | Zidane/Garnet] Brick by Brick

Title: Brick by Brick
Author: CrimsonCobwebs
Final Fantasy IX
T | Lime & swearing

Summary & Preview:
A princess, a thief, and a look into the building of a tumultuous relationship.

 "You can sit next to me," Eiko offered (tone suggesting no opportunity to refuse). "We were just talking about you."

Garnet scowled meaningfully at her. Gods, don’t let her bring up that subject in front of Zidane…

"Oh really? Hehehe. Hardly surprising. All the girls talk about Zidane," the thief proclaimed as he hopped into the spring.

"Oh really?" Garnet challenged with a raised eyebrow. "Must be about your ability to get them stuck in ice caves for hours on end…"

"Or my dashing good looks."

"Or your childish sense of humour."

"Or my suave charm."

"Or your lack of manners."

"Or my very large – "

"Aright, stop now." 

Oooh, FFIX! I adore this game so much. Even though it’s been years since I last played this, it still remains as my favorite Final Fantasy. And although I don’t remember ever going through the fanworks side of the fandom during the time I first played it, I’ve always been a Zidane/Garnet shipper. 

I’m honestly very picky when it comes to fics set between events within the canon especially if said canon already did a wonderful job. This fic, however, managed to fit in quite nicely with what we already have. What’s more is that the author did a great job portraying the characters especially Garnet and that chapter with Steiner - spot-on characterization is always a plus for me. Overall, it’s a very good read especially if you’re someone who wishes to see how Zidane and Garnet’s relationship develops during the events of the game. Go check this one out.